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Publisher: Universidad de Sonora
Description: Beliefs are a crucial component in the way students and teachers conceptualize how languages are learned and should be taught. Based on their own beliefs, students plan their learning strategies, and teachers and teacher educators carry all aspects associated with their work. This book provides current overviews about research that has been conducted in the area of beliefs. The book chapters are written by international and national researchers working in this area. Therefore, the book discusses new trends, approaches and methodologies used in the area of beliefs. It relates these aspects to implications for teaching, teacher education, teacher education programs and venues for future research. It is expected that students of these programs, teachers, educators and researchers find the content of this book relevant to their work in foreign language learning and teaching. AUTORES Elizabeth Ruiz Esparza Barajas, Ana María Ferreira Barcelos, Elena Desirée Castillo Zaragoza, Nolvia Ana Cortez Román, Sofía Dolores Cota Grijalva, Juan Antonio Torres González, Paula Marjatta Kalaja, María Esther Lemus Hidalgo, Griselda Murrieta Loyo, Elva Nora Pamplón Irigoyen, María del Rosario Reyes Cruz. Coedición con Editorial Fontamara, S.A. de C.V.
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ISBN: 978-607-518-333-6
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